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Safe and professional speed bumps

Tired of speed bumps and parking blocks that chip, crack, and fall apart over time?  There’s only one way to do it right and save $ over the lifetime of your parking lot.  Trade up your old and ugly speed bumps and parking blocks for the latest durable and long lasting polymer units. 
At RDK Asphalt Seal Coating, we use only the finest Innoplast™ speed bumps and parking blocks.  Made from the latest high-tech polymer formulas, there’s simply nothing to chip, crack, or ever need painting.
Contact RDK Asphalt Seal Coating today for a FREE QUOTE on speed bumps and parking blocks.  We also offer Bollards, Bollard Covers, and Clearance Bars.

About Our Speed Bumps

Dress up the appearance of your parking lot while contributing to a cleaner environment. Innoplast™ Speedbumps never need painting.
These speed bumps won’t chip, crack, or deteriorate from weather or road salts. Easy to install with lag bolts, you can now control speeding vehicles in your parking lots.  RDK Asphalt Seal Coating offers FREE quotes and full installation services
Speed bumps are available in 9′, 6′, and 4′ lengths.
Contact RDK Asphalt Seal Coat today, where there’s never a hassle and every product comes with the most valuable ingredient we have to offer: peace of mind.

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  • Excellent. Quality materials, quality work, great price. Highly recommended!

  • I was not home and my wife an son were sleeping when the driveway was sealed. They never even woke up. Easy, simple, and clean!

  • I didn’t expect to get a response due to the holiday weekend, but they returned my call promptly, and came out the next day to get us an estimate. They came and did the work 2 days later.

  • I had a situation where the water had run under and washed out part of my driveway. Their pricing is very reasonable!

  • Extremely professional, prompt, and high-quality. Highly recommended!

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